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How to safely shop locally
during this crisis?

With our platform all local shops can start receiving online orders tomorrow, without a website, from within 1 App.

Consumers find their local shops in the app without the need to leave their houses and expose themselves while queuing.

Ordering from your local shop

With this free app you easily keep ordering from all your local shops.

No more queuing, the shop informs you when your order is ready for pickup or delivery.

Download the app and support your 'social distancing' and your local businesses!

Let us get this virus under control together, inform your shop about this possibility.

  1. Download and register on MYeesyQ®
  2. Add your local shops by scanning their QR codes
  3. Order on the app
  4. Choose for delivery or pickup
  5. Pay your shop as usual

I'm a shop

Your shop will be activated on the platform where all customers are able to send you their orders over the app.

The shop content, logo and settings are managed from a webUI while orders are processed over a dedicated in-shop app.

Free your business from the COVID restrictions by changing to a pickup/delivery mode.

This COVID-19 release is an ordering platform, no need for integrations or changes to your existing payment and cash register systems.

Start today and get control on this virus together with your customers!

What does it cost?

9.95 euro/month

1% on order value realised over the app.

Post corona the app stays available at 9.95 euro/month.

Interested becoming a Partner? Contact Us

• How to get local shops without e-commerce preparedness back operational, quickly and without intrusive changes? We are looking for partners.

  • All citizens can start e-shopping at their local shops tomorrow, without individual websites, from within 1 App.
  • Shops, restaurants, etc can in combination with their existing systems and this platform reinstate their sales or restart in a pick-up/delivery model.
  • Process more orders, in all security and independent of any contact restrictions. Pickup or deliver at home.

• Are you the partner that can help us rolling this out quickly?

The technological platform is available. To make this a success in combating this virus a widespread usage is essential.

Do you think you can contribute to this project, be it financially, in the media or operational? Contact us here.

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